Wider Team is as tactical as technology strategy gets

Call on Wider when:

  • Your supply chain is murky, untraceable, unaccountable. Putting you in regulatory peril.
  • You don’t trust your data. Or your partners’ data. So even business automation threatens product and decision quality.
  • Change hurts. Your leadership grapples with structural changes including digitalization, decentralization, decarbonization.
  • Your ESG efforts drown in unverifiable data, slowing you down and threatening your cash flow.
  • You experiment in applying open standards and identity technologies to break into new markets. And to replace paper.
  • Your partner ecosystem is far from its potential.

Wider Team consults

We Counsel executives on their trust technology opportunities and challenges.

We Brief manufacturing leaders on emerging identity technologies and practices.

We Study how utilities, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals manage their connected devices, the companies that make them, and the information they produce.

We Research the evolution of trust technologies, governance frameworks, and regulatory mandates.

We Audit enterprise technology maturity, risks, and opportunities.

We Workshop with teams to respond to trust ecosystem emergencies. And to prevent them.

We Wrangle growing trust ecosystems.


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