Wider Team is an Identity of Things strategy practice

Wider helps you form strategy for your Identity of Things ecosystem.

Your IDoT strategy comes from your analysis and conversations.

Strategy (the verb) is more than planning. It’s building leadership and institutional capabilities to engage with difficult and changing terrain, with allies and adversaries. We help you build those identity layer competencies.

Pervasive digital identity produces diversity and complexity. We’re navigators.

Your things’ social graph is growing faster than yours. So: ecosystems, community, alliances.

Trust is everything. High Assurance Digital Identity helps your equipment and networks be trustworthy, to trust the right humans and systems, and collaborate at the edge.

Wider Team consults

We Counsel executives on their Identity of Things opportunities and challenges.

We Brief IoT leaders on emerging Identity technologies and practices.

We Study how utilities, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals manage their connected devices, the companies that make them, and the information they produce.

We Research the evolution of identity technologies, governance frameworks, and regulatory mandates.

We Audit enterprise Identity of Things maturity, risks, and opportunities.

We Workshop with teams to respond to Identity of Things emergencies. And to prevent them.

We Wrangle growing trust ecosystems.

See also: Our team members. Our values.

From our blog:

identity comes to all things

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