High Assurance Digital Identity (HADI)

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First described by Wider’s Michael Shea in 2020, HADI is the ambitious target of a digital Identity of Everything that is trustworthy, resilient, extensible, and long lived. You might debate the design of HADI architectures, services, or governance. But HADI is a call to make digital identity composable, pervasive, powerful, and transformational.


11 responses to “High Assurance Digital Identity (HADI)”

  1. composability – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] PoV: Building blocks. High Assurance Digital Identity is so composable that, quickly blended with other systems, innovation OODA-loops speed up, and new […]

  2. 2021 Wider Predictions – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] the Wider Team, High Assurance Identity of Things consulting strategists. In 2020 we interviewed bunches of digital identity, security, IoT, […]

  3. In 2021, more #edge #AI in pharma, healthcare – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] WiderPoV: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Trusting smarter devices with human lives demands higher levels of systemic trust, and High Assurance Digital Identity. […]

  4. In 2021, #IoMT and #IDoT #cybercrime grows 137pct – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] surfaces, and more attractive ones. One of the safest bets we made. We’re not sorry we made it. HADI helps defend your things and the downstream […]

  5. In 2021, biopharma and medical supply chains up their #IoT identity ecosystems – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] giving adequate results. But expectations soared in 2020. Do you hear the call for innovation and higher levels of assured identity? We […]

  6. In 2021, cost optimization pulls digital identity federation along – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] quality, agility, reach, trust, and reuse saves money. This is the short-term business case for high assurance digital identity, if you need it. The medium-term case: resilience against your next 17 disruptions. Long term? […]

  7. In 2021, Identity Composability proliferates telehealth services and platforms – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] telehealth composability rise in 2021 as manufacturers, operators, providers, and payers deploy HADI, higher assurance identity systems. This radically lowers the time, complexity, and cost of new […]

  8. By 2025, Mixed Reality takes a bite out of mobile – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] So you’ll engage your digital identity thousands of times beyond our ability to think it. High Assurance Digital Identity — of things, for people, at places, in institutions — lets you delegate overwhelming […]

  9. By 2025, the vendor risk crisis explodes #SocialGraphOfThings – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] an ecosystem (or make one) where a big player forces everyone else to be more secure and deliver higher assurance levels of identity and security. By 2025, Wider will have helped larger clients with identity integrity […]

  10. Wasting your IoT Data? – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] (High Assurance Digital Identity) shortages impair the ability of healthcare and pharmaceutical research […]

  11. High Assurance Digital Identity in Healthcare – Wider.Team Avatar

    […] confidence to do this, it needs to move from concept to practice, from model to discipline. HADI (High Assurance Digital Identity) must include elements like Governance frameworks, TIPPSS-style security and policy models, useful […]

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