IDoT Debt

A subset of Identity Debt, (which is a subset of Technical Debt).

Identity of Things (IDoT) Debt is the legacy of IDoT decisions and work you deferred, that linger, haunting you, endangering your ecosystem, your customers, your network, your agility, and your peace of mind.

Like any other technical debt, IDoT debt is a sister to:

  • Process Debt: identity lifecycle management workflows left broken, undefined, forgotten, misused, disconnected, or misbegotten.
  • Organizational Capacity Debt: have you done all you could to prepare your people for your identity layer’s accelerating complexity, cost, and impact? No?

WiderPoV: Okay, this is our dismal post for the month. Befitting the subject, but, still, we’re generally more upbeat. We’ve all had some Identity Debt and we know what that feels like. And you’re not alone: when you let your identity ecosystem’s IDoT debt pile up, you spend more resources fighting fires and maintenance than in new value creation. So, Happy New Year! Resolution? Pay down that IDoT debt.

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