In 2021, #RuggedIoMD becomes an #IIoT category

Island nations are eager for the benefits #IoT can bring, especially connected medical devices.

So are most of the regions that still have unreliable electricity, slow and frequently interrupted connectivity, and few reserves after catastrophes like pandemics, wars, and extreme weather events. They’re also aware of their lack of buying power for the latest technologies.

So there’s demand for a new category of IoT and #IoMD that survives and thrives despite these challenges. Very low power consumption. Lots of storage and caching to hold on through power outages. Ruggedized for use outside clinics. Easy and cheap to field-repair. Lots of smarts inside so they work without an internet tap. Many flavors of connectivity to exploit opportunities as they knock. Open sourced, the better to adapt to new and unplanned problems.

WiderPoV: The curb-cut effect broadens RuggedIoMD’s appeal to the whole world, developed or not. So rugged tricorders are very investor-friendly.

WiderPoV: #RuggedID systems are needed too.

More of Wider’s 2021 predictions.

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