In 2021, growing out-of-hospital services pull along remote monitoring services and #IoMD

Nations are doing everything to keep people at home and out of hospitals. Some hospital networks bet they will cut patient stays in half with more/better out-of-hospital care. So we predict faster growth of in-home remote monitoring of chronic care, of preventive care, and post-hospital recovery.

WiderPoV: The home-care use case is strong for the average patient. But 2021 remains an economic meltdown with record levels of unemployment, evictions, and homelessness. How do you deploy out-of-hospital services to the unhoused living in cars and vans, in transient settings, and on the street? We imagine two potential paths. Use Rugged IoMD for spot use by field workers, an intermittent solution to a continuous monitoring problem. Or partnering with local governments and NGOs to fund patient housing to hold patients, monitoring devices and telehealth access.

More Wider predictions.


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