In 2021, Identity Composability proliferates telehealth services and platforms

Telehealth is made of component services and devices. Identity, text chat, video chat, notes, maybe sensor history. Identity is itself composed of a number of services.

What if telehealth was was a feature of something bigger? A care team collaborative tool, maybe. Or a neighborhood check-in program. A school nurse for kids. Or a…

Watch telehealth composability rise in 2021 as manufacturers, operators, providers, and payers deploy HADI, higher assurance identity systems. This radically lowers the time, complexity, and cost of new players. It also lets ecosystems bloom with entrepreneurial solutions to common problems.

WiderPoV: Health delivery ecosystems are led by anchor tenants, players with an urgent need to trust their partners and allies. HADI IDoT will be your buy-in to their circle of trust.

More Wider predictions.


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