By 2025, the vendor risk crisis explodes #SocialGraphOfThings

What if we checked each of our vendors? And their vendors? And their vendors? And their vendors? And their…

The social graph of things is a ticking complexity bomb.

WiderPoV: Vendor security screening is rare in industry. Only the largest of institutions have the will, clout, and resources to force vendors to vet. So, three responses to this crisis.

1. Join an ecosystem (or make one) where a big player forces everyone else to be more secure and deliver higher assurance levels of identity and security. By 2025, Wider will have helped larger clients with identity integrity ecosystems.

2. Some regulators stop suggesting, start insisting, after the 2020s’ first cyberwars.

3. The velocity of new attack surface creation will still overwhelm most organizations, and they will suffer death by a thousand data leaks, breaches, liability cascades, ransoms, lockouts, shame, loss, and misery.

Bonus option 4. Airgapped, vertically integrated ecosystems that isolate in the extreme.

More Wider predictions.


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