IIW topics that excite us

We talked about this week’s Internet Identity Workshop (#32!) on one of our team calls. What sessions would make us jump out of our seat? Our short list.

  • Rugged identity for IoT. Nearly all identity systems break with power outages, network interruptions, really long latency, really low bandwidth, and device tampering.
  • HADI maturity models. How do you profile and prioritize how well you’re doing with IoT digital identity? We have some ideas about crawling, climbing, walking, running, dancing.
  • A new Identity Theater for ambient identity and IoT.
  • Device selective disclosure.
  • Biometrics to help medical devices play name the patient.
  • Disposable identity.
  • Would you trust your life to your hospital’s DIDs and VCs?
  • Sustainability, our climate disaster, and identity’s role.
  • Wrangling business ecosystems into decentralized identity. The “soft stuff” is always the hardest.
  • Decentralizing hospitals. Not quite the same as decentralizing healthcare, fitness, wellness.

The best thing about IIW: surprises. So many excellent minds and voices in conversation. So much innovation on display and exuberance in community. We’ll see you there. Astoundingly good use of your time: Register here.


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