5 explosive takeaways from Wider Team’s first Identiverse talk

I’m horrible at linkbait blog post titles. Sorry. We’re introducing five big ideas in 20 minutes or so at Identiverse this month. Our talk is called “Identity and the Healthcare IoT Complexity Bomb.”

identiverse styled title slide for the Wider Team talk on defusing healthcare's IoT complexity bomb.
Such a pretty title slide.

We’re introducing corporate identity pros to the intersection of two other worlds: IoT and Healthcare. You’ll be able to explain:

“Maturity in IdentityOps and Identity Science produces Higher Assurance Digital Identity, a path to pervasive healthcare that avoids our growing healthcare IDoT complexity bombs.”

The five:

  1. IoT in healthcare is combinatorially complex (math if you want it)
  2. Identity of Things is becoming even more complex (here’s how)
  3. Higher Assurance Digital Identity (HADI) in IoMT is a target (coming to KPIs near you)
  4. IdentityOps and Identity Science respond to that target (emerging roles)
  5. HADI for IoMT has a maturity model (competencies to master)

P.S. We walked through this and a few other ideas at Identiverse 2021. IoMT At Risk. A Wider Team Critique of Digital Identity Threats to the Internet of Medical Things. Read all the posts from our Identiverse talk.

P.P.S. Mike Shea and I have been in rehearsals for a bit, getting the words right, simplifying and focusing. This could be fun! Wednesday, 23 June 2021 at 1:30pm Denver / 12:30pm Pacific (my time) / 5:30pm Eastern / 8:30pm London / 9:30pm Austria (Mike’s time). See you there.

The video:

Wider Team is a small Identity of Things strategy consultancy to healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, and energy leaders. Schedule a free remote coffee or keep us on call.


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