Identity of Things Grand Challenges

Wider Team helps our clients confront IoT grand challenges (our view based on field work).

You know you’re challenged when…

Grand ChallengeWider Brings:
Your own IoT is becoming overwhelming. Your fleet is growing faster than you can know all the parties that make it work, touch your data, or threaten its integrity.Self knowledge and awareness. 
Standards bodies and regulators are changing things even as you catch up. Technology and industry teams beyond your influence are defining and building solutions without your input, without understanding your context, trade-offs, and concerns.An Outsiders’ External intelligence.
This stuff is getting more complex. These are not just technical or engineering problems. You risk failure if you don’t embrace the legal, business, regulatory, competitive, political, economic forces shaping your problems and the solution spaces. A firm grasp of IoT’s Multidimensionality.
You’re going this alone, and that’s doomed. No IoT identity system operates in isolation. So you are suffering from negative externalities (like contractual leaks, regulatory violation, insecure nodes, untrustworthy data). You don’t want to be on the outside of keiretsu that recognize and allocate their risks and costs to you.Practices for developing Organizational Interdependence.
There’s no corner of your enterprise not touched by these problems. IoT is Pervasive. IDoT even more. Digital identity underpins every system you have now and every system you and your people will ever touch. Every new technology, every innovation relies on it. The identity stakes grow faster than the rest of your technical debt.Comprehensive approaches to IDoT. 
You’re missing opportunities. Identity of Things is changing faster than your internal tempo. You lag outside events, following where strangers lead, letting others pull focus away from your opportunities.A steady and faster tempo.
You realize your IoT identity is a house of cards. Identity is a relatively low layer in your technology stack. It is a complex, fragile, and crumbling foundation on which the rest of what you do relies.Strategies to stabilize and strengthen your IDoT.

This is a lot. And that’s the point: you have Wider Team to help you frame your strategy, find allies, initiate Proof of Concept projects, adjust strategy to new facts, and other things strategists do.

Wider Team is a small Identity of Things strategy consultancy to healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, and energy leaders. Schedule a free remote coffee or keep us on call.


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