Wider Team had a verifiable 2022

So much!

  1. Lubna Dajani joined Wider Team
  2. Wolff co-wrote a paper on accountability for human harms in trust ecosystems
  3. Sovrin IoT Paper on traceability for digital twins
  4. Shea’s Clinical Internet of Things leadership
  5. IHSCM presentation
  6. New DIF IoT SIG, new leadership, building on a year of work at Sovrin.
  7. Wider at European Identity Conference
  8. Wider at Grad School
  9. AI Ethics Talk
  10. Wider at Future Identity
  11. The ethical use of human generated data
  12. Workshop on catalyzing change
  13. Vienna Digital Identity Meetup

Lubna Dajani joined Wider Team

Photo of Lubna Dajan

Wider Team welcomed Lubna Dajani to help clients on digital innovation and transdisciplinary collaboration. Lubna’s dives into Hardware Root Of Trust and strategic alliances deepen our strengths. Lubna is based in New York.

Wolff co-wrote a paper on accountability for human harms in trust ecosystems

Wider’s Phil Wolff co-authored a white paper at ToIP with with Nicky Hickman. They identified human harms that can come from trust systems. The Trust Over IP’s “Overcoming Human Harm Challenges in Digital Identity Ecosystems” paper (pdf) calls for the SSI community and identity industries to acknowledge the risks of harm and build in preventive measures to avoid negative externalities. ToIP announced the paper this year as “Why the digital identity juggernaut needs safety belts” (“a systemic view of how human harms function in digital identity ecosystems – and how to mitigate them”). Phil asked “What if your identity ecosystem caused pollution?” as part of a series on applied ethics, risk management, and Accountability By Design to every layer of the trust stack.

WiderPoV: “When thousands of parties become part of a digital identity ecosystem, you diffuse responsibility for side effects that ruin, starve, and kill people. Accountability By Design, anyone?”

Sovrin IoT Paper on traceability for digital twins

Michael Ford of Aegis Software and Wider’s Damian Glover and Lubna Dajani wrote and presented “A practical approach to a holistic digital twin to the October 2022 IEEE Software Technology Conference. (DOI Bookmark: 10.1109/STC55697.2022.00030)

WiderPoV: Digital transformation is bottlenecked by interop problems. Interoperability is being held up by concerns of data security and privacy. “We don’t compete, we complete each other.” Using SSI establishes a chain of trust, enabling integration of siloed data sets. Lubna explained “Let’s say a chip goes into an engine that goes into a pacemaker, in a human. How does your twin of the pacemaker let you trace all the way down to its components.” The IPC-2551 electronics industry standard can be paired with decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials to let digital twins provide trust and provenance across silos.

We also presented this to the Global Semiconductor Trusted IoT Ecosystem Security (TIES) group in November.

Drop a line to Damian for a copy of the paper.

Shea’s Clinical Internet of Things leadership

Michael Shea shepherded the IEEE P2933 Trust & Identity team to final draft on their chapter in the Clinical Internet of Things (IoT) Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security standard.

WiderPoV: Within a device, “identity of components” is the same as “traceability,” from circuit board parts to modular components. This is another area for security compromise and risk in sensitive devices. A future direction: integrating DIDs and Verifiable Credentials into electronics manufacturing processes.

IHSCM presentation

Damian Glover and Michael Morgan-Curran presented to the Institute of Health And Social Care Managers about how the digitisation of care is impacting healthcare professionals, and how healthcare organisations can support them. We looked at how integrating high assurance digital identity into digital health apps and backend systems can help improve the caregiver experience.

WiderPoV: “High assurance digital identity promotes confident telehealth interactions by providing automatic know-your-patient and know-your-doctor capabilities. It supports appropriate care decisions by letting providers trust data from remote devices.”

New DIF IoT SIG, new leadership, building on a year of work at Sovrin.

Damian Glover and Lubna Dajani started steering the new Decentralized Identity Foundation Internet of Things Special Interest Group at the end of 2022. Bi-weekly tempo in Q1. The IoT Sig Discord channel. Ongoing theme: SSI in digital twins,.

Damian: “This is an exciting opportunity to influence how DIDs and VCs are integrated within the internet of things, and to accelerate adoption.”

Wider at European Identity Conference

In Transition – From Platforms to Protocols” drew an appreciative crowd for Wider’s Michael Shea and Danube Tech’s Markus Sabadello at EIC 2022 in Berlin. “Only a few years ago the identity ecosystem seemed to be ‘set’ with little chance for change or dislocation of the large federated identity providers. Today the entire identity technology ecosystem is in flux. What will emerge? OIDC? OIDC/SIOP? DIDComm?”

WiderPoV: The changing protocol landscape and shifting identity power centers means we are living in a heterogeneous world where standards are the key to building interoperability and nurturing ecosystems.

Wider at Grad School

Damian Glover and Michael Shea gave a Masterclass on the identity of things at the April Bayes MBA London Symposium 2022. It was “about developments in digital identification and the need for decentralised systems to achieve supply chain efficiencies and facilitate ‘reusable, verifiable and universal’ characteristics of online identity.”

WiderPoV: “Someone asked about sanctions on Russia and if SSI affected the ability to implement them and prevent sanction dodging.” (Not so much. Yet.)

AI Ethics Talk

Lubna Dajani spoke on Smart Cities Through The Lens of Human Rights (paper).

WiderPoV: Injecting “liability regimes” into large projects should help their civic and industrial ecosystems improve accountability in ways that preserve public confidence.

Wider at Future Identity

Michael Shea moderated a panel on the Future Identity stage at the Fintech Talents Festival in the City of London. “Leveraging Digital Identity In Healthcare” featured Maria McCann, who is leading implementation of the Individual Health Identifier (IHI) at the Health Service Executive in Ireland; Iain McCallum at techUK, which is being consulted by DCMS on the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework; Gillan Ward from ID Crowd, which is working on a framework enabling NHS Trusts to use digital credentials issued by other Trusts during staff onboarding; and Kay Chopard of Kantara Initiative.

WiderPoV: “Digital ID is driving data quality up & healthcare costs down.”

The ethical use of human generated data

Lubna Dajani gave an ethics talk to the IEEE SA P2895 standards group (Standard Taxonomy for Responsible Trading of Human-Generated Data) in November. Themes included whether human-generated data is personal property under law, which human-generated data can be traded (or not) and how to address privacy concerns when trading human-generated data.

Workshop on catalyzing change

Lubna Dajani designed and hosted a workshop at the 2022 Catalyzing Change Week. “Humanity is in a state of flux. Digitization, Decentralization, and Decarbonization are disrupting every sector. … Achieving a sustainably prosperous society can be as simple as choosing to shift where we place emphasis and measure value. Do we want to continue to be the humankind we were taught to be or the ‘kind human’ we can be?”

WiderPoV: Viability grows when your enterprise values and strategy choices connect.

Vienna Digital Identity Meetup

Michael Shea’s cabal of pioneers focused on commercialization of verifiable credentials in 2022. Check out the Vienna Digital Identity Meetup archive going back four years.

Vienna Digital Identity Meetup archive, screenshot 23-January-2023

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