About Us

We help bring pervasive identity to the healing world.

Our Mission

Wider Team is a multidisciplinary collective with backgrounds in embedded systems, product management, digital innovation, professional services and enterprise leadership. The Team.

We help organisations in supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing bring vigor to their data supply chains and trust ecosystems.

We help organisations in healthcare, life sciences and the energy sector defuse IoT complexity bombs and enable new IoT use cases, efficiencies, products and services by bringing their ecosystems of connected ‘things’ under full visibility and control. 

Our History

We formed in 2020, registered in the UK in 2021. Our members are in the UK, EU, and US. Our values.

Our People

Our small band brings commitment to clients, to society, and to each other. All of us have had executive responsibilities, leadership challenges, and a breadth of experience across sectors, industries, roles, and cultures. We’re easy to talk with and listen well.

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