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  • A Brief For Thinking Locally And Globally For Digital Wallets And Identification

    Editor: Michael Shea prepares the Digital Identity from Vienna guest panelists with a brief. This was used for the May 2, 2023 discussion announced here last week. More information on the event archive. The ability to shift populations and gain (or force) adoption of new public policy positions is linked to the ability of the…

  • Qualities Of Value

    Michael Shea describes four ‘qualities of value’ of newer identity technologies: provenance, persistence, flexibility, and portability.

  • Identity of Things: verifiable credentials are safer for IoT systems

    Identity of Things: verifiable credentials are safer for IoT systems

    Paper: “Capabilities-based access control for IoT devices using Verifiable Credentials”

  • Juicy Telemetry

    Juicy Telemetry

    For good and bad reasons, the makers of wind turbines and cars and ship engines and weather sensors choose to hide data.

  • The missing ingredient in digital transformation

    The missing ingredient in digital transformation

    Are you ready to extend digital transformation to your customers, partners and wider ecosystem? If yes, you may want to consider how DIDs and VCs can play a role.

  • Your IoT Trust Gap (and how to close it)

    Your IoT Trust Gap (and how to close it)

    Most devices today still lack strong identity. This is dangerous in healthcare as IoMT and medtech explode. This Wider Team research note expands on this with quotes from experts.

  • Identity of Things Grand Challenges

    Identity of Things Grand Challenges

    Wider Team helps our clients confront IoT grand challenges (our view based on field work). You know you’re challenged when… Grand Challenge Wider Brings: Your own IoT is becoming overwhelming. Your fleet is growing faster than you can know all the parties that make it work, touch your data, or threaten its integrity. Self knowledge…

  • Recap: User Experience in SSI (IIW UX) July 2021

    I participated in the Internet Identity Workshop‘s first-time UX unconference. About 50 people attended. Folks wanted to work on everything from detailed decentralized identity interaction design, improving adoption, and overcoming expeience barriers. Before the workshop… The event’s prompt: What are the critical questions about UX and SSI you are hoping to discuss with peers at…

  • Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    In our Identiverse 2021 talk, we said AI is making healthcare’s Identity of Things more complex. “Ever smarter devices create gaps between identity capabilities of the latest devices and older ones.” Let’s expand a little. Artificial Intelligence will be a lot more pervasive by 2030. There’s been a lot of work at bringing smarts into…

  • IDoT Tempos: Cadence, Lifecycles, and the Long Now

    IDoT Tempos: Cadence, Lifecycles, and the Long Now

    So, a few notes on the rising tempo gaps between things, makers, humans, & flocks: 1. Devices can be in service for decades. Buildings. Tractors. Prostheses. Solar panels. Devices are often not supported through their whole lives, as their makers a. retire them as products or b. close as an enterprise, abandoning the devices. 2.…

  • Six months goes fast: December’s Predictions

    End-of-year predictions are fun. But the last six months were as surprising as the six before. How did we do?

  • “We need to talk…” UX for Identity of Things conversations

    ▶⏸⏯⏭⏪⏹⏺⏮⏩◀ Play, Pause, Step Back, Jump Ahead. Our iconography for linear navigation was lifted from olde technology, the VCR, which borrowed it from audio cassette players like the Sony Walkman that recycled commands from larger reel to reel audio tape machines. We need a new iconography for identity interaction. Which interactions? What are the identity…

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