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  • Wider Team had a verifiable 2022

    Wider Team had a verifiable 2022

    Our small band of strategy consultants gave back to our professional communities in 2022. Here’s the recap of our digital identity, ethics, manufacturing, and supply chain talks, papers, standards work, and workshops.

  • Why do you care about identity?

    Why do you care about identity?

    I have always given a damn about digital identity. Hi. I’m Phil Wolff. And this is a personal note to start my 2022. I love that digital identity tries to answer deep philosophical questions. What does it mean to be human? How do we trust ourselves and each other? What is the reality we agree […]

  • 5 explosive takeaways from Wider Team’s first Identiverse talk

    5 explosive takeaways from Wider Team’s first Identiverse talk

    I’m horrible at linkbait blog post titles. Sorry. We’re introducing five big ideas in 20 minutes or so at Identiverse this month. Our talk is called “Identity and the Healthcare IoT Complexity Bomb.” We’re introducing corporate identity pros to the intersection of two other worlds: IoT and Healthcare. You’ll be able to explain: “Maturity in […]

  • IIW topics that excite us

    We talked about this week’s Internet Identity Workshop (#32!) on one of our team calls. What sessions would make us jump out of our seat? Our short list. Rugged identity for IoT. Nearly all identity systems break with power outages, network interruptions, really long latency, really low bandwidth, and device tampering. HADI maturity models. How […]

  • 2021’s first Vienna Digital Identity Meetup

    Identity Wallets – The Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #19 from Michael Shea on Vimeo. We thought Identity Wallets (the place where your personal DIDs and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are stored) were the topic for our 19th Vienna Digital Identity Meetup* on 25 January. It was much more. We had two presenters: Riley Hughes, CEO from Trinsic […]