Wider Team spirit

Why We Do Our Work

  • Money. We seek to make a living, to create longer term value for ourselves and our families, and to buffer risks.
  • Fame. Professional reputation is valuable and we seek to build ours as individuals and collectively.
  • Joy. We enjoy what we do. Even the hard parts. Maybe especially the hard parts.
  • Satisfaction. We are leaving people and our world better than we find it.

How we work

  • We are a network of friends who work together with compassion, generosity and wholeness.
  • We embrace uncommon levels of humility, transparency, and selflessness for the good of a client.

Values we Cultivate

Curiosity & Learning
Laughter & Lightness.

Why “Wider Team” for a name?

  1. Focus. We like the touch-screen hand gesture for zooming for a closer look.
  2. Breadth. Perspective helps conquer complexity and volatility.
  3. Inclusion. More of us, more diversity of thought and experience, lightens our loads and brings keener insight.

How do I work with you?

It takes 2.5 minutes to set up.

Or tea or cocoa. Let’s chat for a bit.
Free, informal.

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