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  • #ResistIoT: IoT as a medium for surveillance

    The internet of things is the most human of digital identity technologies. Unlike cloud technologies, we touch, hear, smell, and see things. They are real like kittens and roads. Damian Glover wrote yesterday about institutional blockers to IoT. Our interviews revealed personal resistance to IoT adoption, too. Cultural blockers of IoT are classic fears in…

  • In 2021, big tech companies slow their #ehealth projects

    In 2021, big tech companies slow their #ehealth projects

    Across Europe and North America, governments are holding big “tech” companies accountable for… well, everything. With more sworn testimony, public interest data analysis, streamed hearings, stronger rules and restrictive laws, expect the rise of defensive thinking among the FAANG behemoths. Healthcare, somewhat regulated, may be thought of as dangerous territory, causing their e-health initiatives to…

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