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  • Wider Team had a verifiable 2022

    Wider Team had a verifiable 2022

    Our small band of strategy consultants gave back to our professional communities in 2022. Here’s the recap of our digital identity, ethics, manufacturing, and supply chain talks, papers, standards work, and workshops.

  • Juicy Telemetry

    Juicy Telemetry

    For good and bad reasons, the makers of wind turbines and cars and ship engines and weather sensors choose to hide data.

  • In 2021, digital twins will observe and analyze human interaction with things

    Right now digital twins for business processes, automated systems, and facilities are ready to start incorporating observations of human interaction. We’ll turn to facilities twins for feng shui advice that improves in-room teamwork and body movement by adjusting the shape of spaces and the placement of things (and people) in those spaces. Some spaces may…

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