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  • In 2021, CV19 will still fuel healthcare’s digital transformation

    Epic and Cerner will jump on the covid-fueled telehealth bandwagon, awkwardly. But their hunger to control every digital touch point will reach into remote monitoring, telehealth, and consumer devices, and each connected e-health device outside a healthcare facility. Healthcare IT doesn’t want to manage vast fleets of unmanageable devices. WiderPoV: But being part of patient lives between encounters…

  • In 2021, big tech companies slow their #ehealth projects

    In 2021, big tech companies slow their #ehealth projects

    Across Europe and North America, governments are holding big “tech” companies accountable for… well, everything. With more sworn testimony, public interest data analysis, streamed hearings, stronger rules and restrictive laws, expect the rise of defensive thinking among the FAANG behemoths. Healthcare, somewhat regulated, may be thought of as dangerous territory, causing their e-health initiatives to…

  • In 2021, more data comes from consumer health devices than from checkups

    WiderPoV: A bet we haven’t made yet: when will more health data come from riding in cars than from checkups? More of Wider’s 2021 predictions.

  • In 2021, up: consumer e-health via ecommerce giants

    In 2021, up: consumer e-health via ecommerce giants

    Desperate times and the kind of healthcare access barriers a pandemic exacerbates will keep humans buying digital health tools from the ecommerce greats. Hospitals and other provider networks are encouraging this, seeking data that might help with prevention and wellness, keeping folks out of hospitals. WiderPoV: Part of the Great Diffusion of clinical tools from…

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