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  • Wasting your IoT Data?

    HADI (High Assurance Digital Identity) impair the ability of healthcare and pharmaceutical research to: establish provenance of data, secure data handoffs across systems and organizations, tie data to a patient, and orchestrate data from multiple devices in an encounter into a common view.

  • Why is IoT arriving slower in some industries? Identity and other blockers

    Our team talks with many digital identity and IoT professionals each week. One of our Michaels remarked that diffusion of innovation and propagation of both IoT and digital identity seems uneven. Three examples of uneven IoT and Identity of Things adoption…   🏭 Medical device factories IDoT is already pervasive within high assurance settings such as…

  • In 2021, CV19 will still fuel healthcare’s digital transformation

    Epic and Cerner will jump on the covid-fueled telehealth bandwagon, awkwardly. But their hunger to control every digital touch point will reach into remote monitoring, telehealth, and consumer devices, and each connected e-health device outside a healthcare facility. Healthcare IT doesn’t want to manage vast fleets of unmanageable devices. WiderPoV: But being part of patient lives between encounters…

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