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  • A Brief For Thinking Locally And Globally For Digital Wallets And Identification

    Editor: Michael Shea prepares the Digital Identity from Vienna guest panelists with a brief. This was used for the May 2, 2023 discussion announced here last week. More information on the event archive. The ability to shift populations and gain (or force) adoption of new public policy positions is linked to the ability of the…

  • In 2021, gov defensive infosec spending doubles

    In 2021, gov defensive infosec spending doubles

    2021 will have as many or more disasters as 2020. Even more cyber crime, terror, and war. Defensive cyber spending by government agencies has been a tiny fraction of offensive spending, by headcount. Dramatic events can and will change this. WiderPoV: Massive public sector hiring in prevention, intervention, and recovery will pull talent from an…

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