Tag: Great Diffusion

  • Why is IoT arriving slower in some industries? Identity and other blockers

    Our team talks with many digital identity and IoT professionals each week. One of our Michaels remarked that diffusion of innovation and propagation of both IoT and digital identity seems uneven. Three examples of uneven IoT and Identity of Things adoption…   🏭 Medical device factories IDoT is already pervasive within high assurance settings such as…

  • In 2021, up: consumer e-health via ecommerce giants

    In 2021, up: consumer e-health via ecommerce giants

    Desperate times and the kind of healthcare access barriers a pandemic exacerbates will keep humans buying digital health tools from the ecommerce greats. Hospitals and other provider networks are encouraging this, seeking data that might help with prevention and wellness, keeping folks out of hospitals. WiderPoV: Part of the Great Diffusion of clinical tools from…

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