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A series of conferences, hosted by PingID, about digital identity.

  • Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    In our Identiverse 2021 talk, we said AI is making healthcare’s Identity of Things more complex. “Ever smarter devices create gaps between identity capabilities of the latest devices and older ones.” Let’s expand a little. Artificial Intelligence will be a lot more pervasive by 2030. There’s been a lot of work at bringing smarts into…

  • “We need to talk…” UX for Identity of Things conversations

    ▶⏸⏯⏭⏪⏹⏺⏮⏩◀ Play, Pause, Step Back, Jump Ahead. Our iconography for linear navigation was lifted from olde technology, the VCR, which borrowed it from audio cassette players like the Sony Walkman that recycled commands from larger reel to reel audio tape machines. We need a new iconography for identity interaction. Which interactions? What are the identity…

  • Wider’s High Assurance Digital Identity Maturity Model

    Wider’s High Assurance Digital Identity Maturity Model

    High Assurance Digital Identity for #IoT (and #IoMT) doesn’t just happen. You have to build distinctive competence within your enterprise and without. This is our first draft.

  • High Assurance Digital Identity in Healthcare

    High Assurance Digital Identity in Healthcare

    We know we need High Assurance Digital Identity. But we don’t know what this is, exactly. However, to realize the full potential of Internet of Things (IoT) investment we must approach the Identity of Things (IDoT) differently than what we are accustomed to for the identity of persons. We believe the true value of IoT…

  • Quick and Dirty Maturity Modeling

    Quick and Dirty Maturity Modeling

    Would you like to be better? To be great with your Identity of Things? Wider Team talked with experts and friends about this for the last year. We grouped kinds of competencies and capabilities. And we’ve even seen some “walk before you run” dependencies. So, maturity models, right?   Specifics about our model are another post.…

  • 5 explosive takeaways from Wider Team’s first Identiverse talk

    5 explosive takeaways from Wider Team’s first Identiverse talk

    I’m horrible at linkbait blog post titles. Sorry. We’re introducing five big ideas in 20 minutes or so at Identiverse this month. Our talk is called “Identity and the Healthcare IoT Complexity Bomb.” We’re introducing corporate identity pros to the intersection of two other worlds: IoT and Healthcare. You’ll be able to explain: “Maturity in…

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