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  • By 2030, Captcha for AI

    By 2030, Captcha for AI

    Ask any sysadmin and they’ll tell you humans are the easiest way to penetrate a network. Been that way long before Kevin Mitnick. In 2020, deep fake tools and GPT-3 are convincing. How soon before they defeat prove-you’re-human tests? Then, how long before they convincingly replicate the behavior of trusted network devices? WiderPoV: Ten years…

  • In 2021, more #edge #AI in pharma, healthcare

    In 2021, more #edge #AI in pharma, healthcare

    Most AI is cloud deployed, like most software. But academia and industry are pulling pattern recognition and other ML behavior into clinical devices, and into the EdgeOps services that care for and authenticate them. Read more about TinyML, machine learning for devices with little memory, power, storage, or connectivity. WiderPoV: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Trusting…

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