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  • Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    Smarter IoT and Healthcare

    In our Identiverse 2021 talk, we said AI is making healthcare’s Identity of Things more complex. “Ever smarter devices create gaps between identity capabilities of the latest devices and older ones.” Let’s expand a little. Artificial Intelligence will be a lot more pervasive by 2030. There’s been a lot of work at bringing smarts into…

  • 2021’s first Vienna Digital Identity Meetup

    Identity Wallets – The Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #19 from Michael Shea on Vimeo. We thought Identity Wallets (the place where your personal DIDs and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are stored) were the topic for our 19th Vienna Digital Identity Meetup* on 25 January. It was much more. We had two presenters: Riley Hughes, CEO from Trinsic…

  • By 2025, the vendor risk crisis explodes #SocialGraphOfThings

    By 2025, the vendor risk crisis explodes #SocialGraphOfThings

    What if we checked each of our vendors? And their vendors? And their vendors? And their vendors? And their… WiderPoV: Vendor security screening is rare in industry. Only the largest of institutions have the will, clout, and resources to force vendors to vet. So, three responses to this crisis. 1. Join an ecosystem (or make…

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