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We are Michael Shea, Michael Morgan-Curran, Damian Glover, & Phil Wolff.

Michael Shea

Director, Identity Science Practice.
Managing Director.

Vienna, Austria

Michael Shea directs Wider Team’s Identity Science Practice. He contributes to the evolution of digital identity practices, standards, and technologies in collaboration with government agencies, industry research groups, and NGO working teams.

He is a founding member of MyData Global and the MyData Austria Hub. Michael co-authored 2020’s “Self-Sovereign Identity & IoT” whitepaper.

Michael has over thirty years of leadership in the technology sector, working in the United States, Canada and since 2015 in Vienna. He ran a global consulting services business for Pitney Bowes Software. Over his career, Michael actively participated in all stages of the software business from development, design, operations and business development. He founded multiple businesses. Michael holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, a Master’s of Engineering and an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Michael is a competitive rower., LinkedIn, Twitter

Michael Morgan-Curran

Director, Identity Ecosystem Practice

Cambridgeshire, England, UK

Michael Morgan-Curran directs Wider Team’s Identity Ecosystem Practice, helping healthcare systems and biopharmaceutical enterprises build and operate IoMT alliance networks, and improve vendor relationships.

Michael has been working with leading pharma, life science, telecoms, medical device, insurer and payer organisations for over 25 years; holding senior roles in healthcare strategy, operations, clinical development, regulation, business development and commercial leadership across public, private and consumer health care portfolios. In the last 15 years he has become an accomplished digital health technologist and worked internationally in the USA, Latam, EMEA, Asia and Oceania on many IoT and connected health products and services. He holds several NED posts and actively mentors digital heath start-ups. In his spare time is a keen cyclist and long distance runner., LinkedIn

Damian Glover

Director, Business Impact Practice

London, England, UK

Damian helps healthcare organisations assess the business value of IDoT and identify proactive steps they can take to prepare for exponential growth in the number and diversity of connected things, including identifying key use cases for IDoT, developing an IDoT roadmap and articulating the value of High Assurance IDoT within the organisation.

A key focus is on facilitating the development of Trust Frameworks that span the local health economy, can be implemented using standards-based technologies and whose efficacy can be established through robust proof-of-concepts.

Damian has 17 years’ strategy consulting experience. Prior to co-founding Wider Team he was a senior consulting partner at Iris Worldwide where he worked with a range of organisations in life sciences, energy, packaging, logistics, infrastructure and consumer technology to develop and implement business, customer and data strategies and solutions., LinkedIn, Twitter

Phil Wolff

Director, Synthesis & Integration Practice.

Bellingham, Washington, USA

Phil Wolff directs Wider Team’s Synthesis and Integration Practice, turning Wider’s IDoT research, analysis, and insights into actionable client strategies from the Wider Observatory in Bellingham, Washington. Phil also helps Wider clients climb Wider’s High Assurance Identity of Things Maturity Model by bringing business, operations, legal, technology, and societal concerns into focus.

Before Wider, Phil was a strategist, technologist, product manager, and privacy activist with a career of leadership in private sectors (global tech and ACE enterprises, tech startups), public sectors (US federal, state, and city governments), and NGOs. He is an award winning author. +1-360-441-2522. twitter. LinkedIn.

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