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Lubna Dajani is an award-winning futurist, and pioneer in systems and design thinking. She draws on her work with AI, sensors, biotech, security, identity, and other exponential technologies, to navigate the future of work, society, and human potential. On her journey to becoming a leader in transformative tech, she served as an innovation executive for major brands, including GE, AT&T, Viacom, L’Oréal, Microsoft, Nokia, and PwC. Lubna is currently engaged on several boards, providing her sagacity in strategic growth and sustainable relevance.

Lubna is committed to solving environmental and socioeconomic challenges through the application of STEAM and co-learning innovations. Her novel design approach enlists the community’s indigenous wisdom and incorporates play philosophy and change theories.

Lubna is an active contributor to numerous IEEE ethical AI and Metaverse standards, Co-Chair
Decentralized Identity Foundation IoT SIG, and a W3C Invited Expert on Privacy. She continues to serve as an Advisory Board member for Horizon 2020 NGI Trust and several grassroots nonprofits. Lubna also serves as a mentor to startups and venture funds including SOSV.

She is a member of the Catalyst 2030 US leadership team and was a founding member and secretary of multiple game-changing cross-sectoral collaborations, including the Wireless Internet Caucus, the Open Trust Protocol Alliance, and the NYU Music Experience Design Lab.


Lubna Dajani is an intuitive out-of-the-box technology executive skilled at navigating the uncertain and unknown; specializing in digital transformation, strategic ecosystem development and sustainable growth.

An award-winning thought leader and digital strategist globally recognized for achieving impactful cross-industry collaborations, and for foreseeing disruptive applications of emerging technologies. Expert in the application of ICT innovations from AI, DLT, IoT and data, to embedded hardware and chain-of-trust security to unlock exponential, and often hidden, business value whilst ensuring human-centric experiences. Now focusing on the emergent opportunities at the intersection of clean energy, telecommunications, life sciences and sustainable wellbeing.

Lubna is a named contributor to several IEEE ethical AI standards, and was invited expert to the W3C Privacy WG and the Cog AI CG. She published several papers, including the Allternet chapter of the “Enterprise City: How Companies are Changing the Global Urban Landscape” book.

Before Wider Team, Lubna:

Co-founded Allternet Ltd., a boutique strategic development, brand and product design house committed to supporting clients and innovators through their growth and sustainable transformation journey.

Advanced the convergence between the energy and telecom sectors with an eye on leveraging indigenous wisdom of the communities empowered by state-of-the-art technologies to enable smartly tender care-based cities.

Was a Next Generation Internet (NGI) Trust evaluator and coach to several projects featuring state of the art technologies including quantum security, deep learning AI, and graph based blockchain implementations.

Highlighted engagements include:

  • An Irish IoT network technology company, where Lubna reframed their value proposition from cost savings to enhanced safety of digital electricity, the human-centric enclosure design, carbon footprint reduction, and faster deployment. Lubna’s shift led to trials with large telco’s, energy companies, and property developers. This repositioned them as an ecosystem integrator addressing energy poverty and digital divide challenges, unlocking opportunities in Africa, India and other underserved markets.
  • A Korean hardware security company, where Lubna repositioned Physically Unclonable Functions to IoT applications, and for the firm to become a trusted supply chain security enabler for smart city solutions. She developed their strategic product roadmap development and thought leadership across industries, including telecommunications (global mobile network operators) and computer, peripherals and gaming OEMs.
  • A UK digital identity company where she led their transformation into an industry leader in identity and lifecycle management for IoT devices, leveraging its core competency in identity and credentials management. This included new partnerships with telecoms and industry leaders such as ARM, Intel, BT, SVB, NIST, and US governmental bodies.
  • A Florida USA food traceability system where Lubna’s process and technology changes resulted in zero errors in packaging and delivery.
  • A New York management consulting conglomerate where she grew the new North American digital practice.

More About Lubna Dajani

Lubna is a diversity and inclusion champion and mentor to entrepreneurs, currently serving on the advisory board of the H2020 Next Generation Internet (NGI) Trust and as a mentor with SOSV. Also serving on four start-up and not-for-profit boards and previously served on five boards including the National Adoption Center, NYU Music Experience Design Lab.

Lubna is:

  • Authentic, emotionally intelligent and relationship-centric leader
  • Pragmatic futurist driving to inspire a shift in humanity from humankind to kindhuman by applying technology, engineering, science, architecture, economics, and the arts to manifest it
  • Systems thinker, analytical mind, experience designer and problem solver
  • Thought leader, author, and public speaker

Lubna received her Bachelor with honors, Information Systems Analysis & Design Baruch College from CUNY. She attended the NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). She received her Certified Expert in Inclusive and Disruptive Learning from the University of Turku, Finland.

Lubna was one of 2019’s “Connected World Women of Technology”. Mobile Marketer Mobile Women to Watch 2010. Silicon Alley 100. People’s Choice Top 3 Most Influential 2007.

Ms. Dajani worked and studied in the UK, the EU, the US, and South Korea. She is bi-lingual in English and Arabic. She worked in management consulting, telecommunications, consumer goods, electronics manufacturing, digital identity and cybersecurity industries.

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