Wider On Call

Subscribe to your weekly, private Wider strategy conversation and coaching. A few hours of intelligence, context, focus, and action so you’re leading to where the identity of things puck will be.

On the regular

Grab a casual Coffee, book a standing Lunch, or have us join a regular meeting. We’re your “over-the-horizon scouts” as one client called us. Up to two hours weekly, give or take.

But wait, there’s less…

Wider On Call is exclusive. Limited to a dozen clients at a time.


You give our team a three-hour guided tour of your world. Help us understand what makes your organization and problems distinctive. Set some initial concerns and goals. We take good notes.

Affordable expertise

Simple £3K, €4K, or US$5K monthly payments. Fast, one-time setup.

Grab a coffee and let’s talk about it.

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